Doesn’t it look dubious to you when you cannot find the contact information of the company you want to buy a product or service from? Why the need to hide? Are they not legitimate? Don’t they have a proper office address? What’s up with not publishing your office address and office number on the Orlando web design? Nothing makes customers angrier than not finding the contact information of a business when they want to.

When designing your website, make sure that the contact information can easily be found on every page of the website. That means that every time the web users open a new web page, they should find your business contact info by simply scrolling down or looking at the upper right corner of the screen. This alone signals that your company is legitimate.

Website Conversion

It is easier for your clients to get in touch with you when they clearly know how to contact you, and that’s through publishing your information. This leads to more sales and ultimately, an increase in revenue. A study found out that a company receives more calls when their numbers are published on the website’s homepage. This is in comparison to businesses that either do not publish their telephone numbers or the contact info was not clearly laid out in prime position on the website. And even if the information was not in prime position, there’s still a 0.5% increase in conversion call rates.

Web Contact Form

Many businesses prefer to put a web contact form on their websites. For them, this allows them to control the information that they provide their customers. Instead of the customers reaching out to them, the businesses are the ones to schedule when they will contact the customers. But the problem here is taking away the customers’ control.

Not everyone is fond of receiving calls and emails in the middle of a busy workday. They’ll likely forget about a call they missed or skip your email. By the time you reached out to them, they’ve already moved on from what they want to know about your business. Such is the problem with using web contact forms.


A well-placed phone number on your Orlando web design will help create a good reputation for your brand. It makes your brand appear more trustworthy. Showing customers that your company is easy to contact signals that your business is willing to answer inquiries from your potential customers.