The question in many web developers’ minds is where to put customer testimonials in an Orlando web design page. Can you put these testimonials on the homepage or another landing page? Do you put it in blogs? Do you put these testimonials on a separate page where all the other recommendations and reviews are located?

When you are deciding where to put customer testimonials on your website, refer to the data that you have. The more information and research you have, the more effective the customer testimonials will become. You should put your customer testimonials on the pages that your target audience visits more often.

Many businesses include these testimonials on their homepages. It makes sense because a lot of people will find new businesses through Google and the search engine will lead people to the homepages. This is the first page that they will see on any business website.

But you can also include customer testimonials on other pages, including landing pages, sales pages, exit popups, contact pages, underneath blog posts, and the sidebar. To know which pages are most effective for customer testimonials, you need to collect data. So, how do you do that?

You should use a website behavior tracking to let you spy on how people move through your site. It will let you know which pages are most visited and which part of the pages your visitors look at and spend time on. This will empower you to place the customer testimonials on the right areas of a landing page or homepage. Through the behavior tracking tool, you will know where the visitors came from, what pages they visited, where they clicked, and how they engaged with elements on your website such as forms.

Another thing that you can look at is the heat map behavior report, which will show you where the most activity happens on your page. Using the data from the report, you can look at the scroll maps to see where people stop and start scrolling on the page. It will allow you to place the customer testimonials on the critical areas on your webpage. This will ensure that the customer testimonials will be seen by your target market.

See to it that you do not put customer testimonials on part of the pages where no one will notice it. For example, if nobody scrolls to the bottom of a particular page, that means putting the testimonial there will yield no results. Nobody will see it. On the other hand, you might see that there’s activity on the page’s sidebar. You can put the testimonials there because it means customers are looking at that particular area.

You should test different places on your Orlando web design to see that the testimonials will do its goal of attracting more clients to your business. It’s easy to move the testimonials from one place to another. So long as the testimonials are accurate and valid, no one will raise an issue against moving these recommendations from one page to another.