If you want to stand out online as a business, what should you have? A website and social media presence, right? What about if you’re not a business entity? How can you market yourself to potential hiring managers? Your LinkedIn profile will not cut it anymore. You have to be proactive in marketing yourself to companies you want to work for. It all starts with the Orlando web design of your resume website or blog.

A personal website is the digital version of your resume. You can put things here that couldn’t share on a paper resume. You can show your personality on your resume website. You can write about your opinions about a myriad of things. Your website is going to be your home base. It will allow you to build a personal brand and make a great first impression to potential bosses.


When prospective clients and employers land on your website, they want to know who you are, what your skills are, and what you do. While you don’t necessarily have to share your life story, it will help to showcase your talent and skills. Upload a video resume, if possible. The video resume will show your personality, but you should also talk about your academic background, skills and expertise, and the latest job you have worked on. There should also be a brief section on your hobbies and what matters most to you.

Examples of Your Work

Whether it’s a personal website or blog, it makes sense to showcase some of the work you have done. If you’re in the creative field like writing, photography, videography, and web design, then you should show samples of your work. This is crucial if people would want to partner with you or hire your services. This information will help them determine if they want to work with you.

If you are a writer, link to samples of your published articles on the web. If you have books you co-authored, link to where they can purchase your books. The point is to use your creativity on the Orlando web design to highlight your skills.


If this is a personal resume website, then testimonials are crucial to its success. Potential clients need to know that they’re working with someone respected in the industry. Ask past clients and customers to write a review or testimonial about your work. Make sure the testimonials have some substance. It shouldn’t be “he/she has a great personality.” The testimonial should discuss how you helped your past clients.