There is a growing trend in Orlando web design wherein designers are telling stories through web experiences. The term for that is scrollytelling, which refers to online longform stories that use audio, video, and animation. A simple scroll on the page will trigger the animation and other multimedia content. This is a departure from static designs that contain no media content or those that are too complex for web users to understand.

The interaction happens when the web users scroll up or down the page. That triggers the multimedia content on that particular area of the page. Web users don’t have to think about pressing, clicking, or swiping elements on the page. The interplay of text and imagery (and even audio) is automatic. It makes the components of the page come to life.

However, it is important to remember that web designers should give web users an option to play or pause a short video clip on the page. While scrollytelling captures the attention of the audience, web users still want control over what they want to play or not on the screen. Analytics showed that web users love this kind of design as they spend longer time on the page, often scrolling until they reach the conclusion of the story.

How can you best apply scrollytelling to your Orlando web design? Here’s how to do it:

Keep Motions Small

Scrollytelling is not for big and grand motions. You do not need a full-length video for scrollytelling. You need to keep the motions simple so that they don’t distract from the message of the scrollytelling.

Provide Interactions

As mentioned above, web users want to be able to control the amount of content they will consume. While they are fond of scrollytelling and they will not intentionally pause or stop it unless needed, the option to play, pause, and stop should still be there. These are mini video clips anyway, so there’s a strong chance your viewers will not have the time to hit the pause and stop button anymore.

Emphasize Story

Don’t forget the goal of the scrollytelling. Sometimes, web designers add too much elements on the scrollytelling that they don’t emphasize the story anymore. If they start to divert from what the message of the scrollytelling is, then go back to what the main point is. The story is still more important than any Orlando web design elements on the page.