Do you know just how powerful Orlando web design is? Do you know that design elements have more power over your site’s content? Do you think that web visitors are mistrusting your content and not your design? Design elements have more influence over web visitors than content. During the research, when asked why they might mistrust a website, 94% of visitors said it’s because of the web design elements. Only 6% said it’s because of the site’s content.

Although the study was made to reflect the web visitors’ perception of health sites, the same basic principle can be carried over to other industries. This is the reason why any business needs to focus on web design elements.

Complex Layouts

Is it hard to navigate your website? Because if people are having a hard time finding the information they need on your website, they will likely go to another site. They won’t wait for you to come up with the right layout or design. Web visitors are more knowledgeable now. They know that complex layouts have a solution. They know that this is not the norm in web design. There are plenty of big companies that use simple layout and design to accommodate the various technical challenges that their customers face. Apple, for example, uses a very simple layout for their website.

Pop-up Ads

Pop-up ads are annoying. Try to open your page with ads popping every five seconds. Won’t you be annoyed? Although ads are necessary to keep your site afloat, make sure they aren’t hindering your web visitors from enjoying your website. They can pop up on your visitor’s screen, but there’s no reason why they should be popping up every time they open a page.

Small Print

If it’s hard for the web visitors to read the content of your site because of the font size that you used, they aren’t going to stick around and let that strain their eyes. They’ll skip over the message and just find the information they need on another site. Your Orlando web design isn’t about colors, themes, and motifs only. It’s about the overall experience of web visitors. The size of the fonts you use is one of the elements that will affect their opinion of your site.

Slow Load Times

Is there anything more annoying than a homepage that can’t load in under five minutes? Or, any web page for that matter? Your web visitors aren’t going to wait around forever for all the elements of your Orlando web design to load. If you can’t do anything about the slow loading time of your website, it isn’t going to be much successful.