Every year, there are a million parents who are searching for schools for their children. Whether their kids are attending school for the first time or transferring from another school, parents will most likely search on Google for the best schools in the area. If you are in the business of education, you need to make sure that your Orlando web design is sending the right message to your target market.

What do parents want to see on the school’s website?

Compelling Homepage

First of all, parents want to see that the website is well taken care of. That can be seen on the homepage. If the homepage lacks information about the current school year, it means that the school is not even updating its own website. Parents will feel that the school is not up to date with technology. They may not even browse away from the homepage to check out the other webpages. If you want to attract the parents to for school, you need to invest in your website.

Student Life

Parents want to know what kind of life their children are going to have at your school. Having a homepage dedicated to showcasing what the students are up to will make parents realize that your school is doing great with kids. On the Orlando web design, you can post blogs about the different activities and programs that the school holds every year. You can also allow the students to have their corner on the page, so they can talk about what they do in school.

Tuition Rates

Of course, unless you are a public school and tuition is subsidized by the government, parents want to know how much they need to shell out to have their kids attend your school. Although tuition fee depends on the income of the families, especially if the kids are eligible for a scholarship, you can give a general breakdown of the school fees that the parents will need to prepare for. You should also mention what other expenses they need to prepare for such as field trips and extracurricular activities.

Teachers’ Corner

Of course, parents want to know who will be teaching their children. You need to feature your school faculty on their own page. You should mention their names, their expertise, and experience in teaching. This will satisfy the curiosity of parents who are very particular about the people they surround their kids with.