Hamburger menus, slideshows, and animations? Those are so 2019. Oops, did we hear that right? Yes, it’s 2020. Finally, we’re in a new decade. It’s time to leave the 2010s behind and focus on what’s to come next for Orlando web design. Sure, you can still use slideshows and animations, but what are the new things that will come this coming decade?


People don’t get it, huh? Web designers have been saying it for years: keep your design simple. The simpler your web design is, the more attractive it is to your market. Web users don’t want to worry themselves with a complex website with an even more complicated navigation. They want to visit a site and be done with it. They don’t want animations and graphics because they know these make a website slow to load. They want the landing page to load in as fast as five seconds. They want to access information as easily as they think about a question.

What should you simplify in your web design? Navigation, graphics, homepage, and color scheme.


Oh, animations may be a thing of the past, but illustrations are just getting started. People love to see photos of you and your staff grinning in front of the camera. That makes them think they know you on a personal level. But instead of posting a photo, why not have an illustration or caricature? Custom illustrations are so personal and creative. And unlike animations, they have smaller file sizes. That means they won’t affect a page’s loading time.

You can incorporate illustrations on the homepage, the about us page, the contact us page, and the blog page.

Social Media Integration

A new web design trend is integrating your business’ Instagram or Facebook page on your website. Your IG page should pop up at the bottom of your webpage. This should feature your customers using your products. User-generated content is going to be big this decade. Allowing customers to infiltrate your website will empower them to support your business more.

Voice Optimization

Businesses are optimizing their websites for voice searches. With Alexa and Siri on the rise, companies should invest in voice searches as the future of the web design industry. Optimizing your website for voice searches will rank you well on search engine results. And remember, if you don’t rank high enough on search results, that beautiful Orlando web design is all for nothing.