When a web user arrives on the landing page, the Orlando web design he will find there only has a couple of seconds to attract the user. There’s a short window of time wherein the web user will decide whether to close the window or continue his onboarding process. Yes, arriving on a landing page is a bit like the onboarding process of a company. You’re basically being introduced to a new brand, products, services, and offers.

The information can sometimes be a little overwhelming. A ton of information lands on your lap and you have no way to know how you are going to process all of these. The quality of this experience on the landing page will determine what course of action the web user will take.


One of the most effective ways to do this is by adding some questionnaires on the landing page. Instead of the web user finding information and call-to-action about the brand, they will find a list of questionnaires—sometimes in digital card format—so the company can get to know their audience better. This is an interactive experience for web users. They are asked to answer questions that will lead the brand to understand them better. These questions allow brands to create better experiences, products, and services in the future.

What kind of questions is being asked in these questionnaires? These are usually personal questions intended to get to know the market better—what they want, what they need, what they expect, and what they dislike. Knowing this will empower brands to come up with better marketing ideas and campaigns.

Most of these questions are in a multiple-choice format that is focused on what the web visitors’ like and dislike. Through their answers, the marketers can form buyer personas, which they can then use to study how they are going to market certain products and services. This information will also give brands a better idea of how to form target audiences and categorize them accordingly.

The landing pages will become more like a series of cards with animated transitions. They are more than just the standard web pages people have been accustomed to. This makes them more interesting to the web users as many of them will probably only see this kind of a landing page on your website.

Use these questionnaires well if you’re going to integrate these in the Orlando web design. This will become a standard feature of web design in the years to come.