Some people in the Orlando web design industry tend to be wary of the idea of keeping up with current website design trends. This is a perfectly normal human reaction, after all, nobody likes the idea of change very much. However, you should never disparage the value of the industry’s trends. Contrary to popular belief, these trends are meant to help your website advance forward, not hold it back. Read on to learn more about the different Orlando web design trends that will push your website forward.

Storytelling through design

One of the most interesting design trends that we may be seeing more of is the idea of storytelling through web design. If you’ve been around the web design industry for a while, you are probably aware of the push for a stronger connection with your users through the use of your web design. Because of this, many designers are aiming to build that connection with audiences through the use of storytelling. This involves the use of your web design to guide the user through the website through storytelling.

Seamless design integration

Everything that we use on a daily basis can now be considered as “smart”, and you’re going to see a lot of integration in the world of web design. When you create a web design, it is slowly becoming a sort of expectation that you need to take into account a user’s other smart devices, integrate this accordingly, and create a better overall experience for the user on your website. Not only is there mobile and desktop integration, but using voice search AI and even wearable tech is something that you may have to start thinking about for your web design.

More of an emphasis on security

Online security was the hot topic for a few months, and as a result, the entire online world was affected. Not only is the security of your users’ financial information a huge priority for anybody’s website, but you should also be looking into preserving the security of your users’ personal information. The online world’s massive scope has provided a lot of benefits to its users, but at the same time, it has uncovered a lot of risks that weren’t evident before.

More meaningful design

Another Orlando web design trend that will help push your website to current trends is the incorporation of more meaningful design. Before, web design was done for the sake of web design, but now, the integration of design that your user will find meaningful to their overall user experience.