Over the last three decades, since the world wide web was introduced, it has changed our lives in ways that no other technology was able to. Even the way we do business has been forever altered by the entrance of eCommerce websites. The web has empowered us to pursue our interests and passions through building an Orlando web design that represents our brand and character.


In the past, web design is all about being responsive and adaptive to mobile devices. Web designers have to create websites that will adapt to your device’s screen size. This means that the website will appear the same on whether it’s being viewed from a desktop computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet. Things have changed now. A huge percentage of shoppers use their mobile devices to surf the internet and purchase items. Because of these statistics, companies are forced to shift their strategy into making mobile-friendly Orlando web design.

Animation and Interactive Design

eCommerce websites are going to be more interactive. Websites will use animations and interactive designs to attract customers. There will be a lot of cool buttons, icon rotations, animated loading bars, and cinemagraphs. The latter are GIF-like images that are more subtle. They are used on homepages as banners and background images. These cinemagraphs started in 2016 but will continue to dominate website design this year and the coming decade.

Eye-popping Colors

While other websites are still focusing on a minimalist design, which means monochromatic colors, eCommerce websites will be transitioning to using striking color palettes. These are attractive colors that aim to make a web design pop. The intention is to use the psychology of colors to attract the right audience to make a purchase. The colors will help convey the right message and bring a positive shopping experience to customers.


Chatbots are built to answer questions and inquiries from customers. But today, eCommerce sites are using chatbots for more than just answering questions. They will also help customers make purchase decisions, accept payments, offer discount codes, and deliver shipping notifications. Many successful eCommerce sites are introducing chatbots into their process.


Brands are using storytelling to promote their products and services. This will create an emotional connection with the audience. It will make your company stand out. When using storytelling to promote your business, make sure to highlight your brand’s humble beginnings, show passion for the product or service, and provide a solution to your audience’s problem.

Keep these things in mind when creating an Orlando web design for your online store. These Trends will go a long way toward the success of your brand.