A lot of business owners do not know when their website needs work. That’s a sign that you need work, too. You need to recognize the signs that your website is not doing its part of getting customers to your store. That’s why you have to be cognizant of the five signs that you have to change your Orlando web design. Just because your website is live doesn’t mean it’s functioning well.

High Bounce Rate

The bounce rate refers to the percentage of web visitors who quickly navigate away from your site. They don’t stay longer than three seconds on your site. They also don’t navigate past the homepage. They don’t see the reason to browse your site because your homepage failed them. As a result, they’ll just “bounce” away to another site.

A high bounce rate is not a good indication. You want to keep this as low as you possibly can. The point here is that people don’t find value in your website. They think it is a waste of time to stay there.

The Last Upgrade Was a Year Ago

When was the last time you audited the improvements, features, widgets, and tools present on your website? If it has been a year, then it is time to do another one again. Maybe your Orlando web design doesn’t need a redesign. Maybe all it needs is a tweak and some clearing of the cache. It can be as simple as that. Or the problem could be as complicated as your website not being responsive to different screens (more on that later).

Slow Loading Time

How long does it take for your homepage to load? If it is longer than five seconds, then you are in big trouble. Web visitors don’t want to wait longer than that. They want your website to load within three seconds. They don’t want to wait more than three seconds for the web pages on your website to load. Make sure that your website can load as fast as it possibly can.

Unresponsive Design

Now here comes the most dangerous part for Orlando web design. If your website is not mobile-responsive, scrap it. Your site has to respond according to the screen size that it is being viewed in. Whether your web visitors are browsing your site through their phones or computers, they must have the same experience in it.

Dip in Traffic

Once you notice that your web traffic is starting to dip, that’s a sign that you should re-evaluate your Orlando web design elements and the various other features that your website has. It is not enough that you have great content on your site, it must also be designed to provide a great customer experience.