Web designers face a lot of challenges in the Orlando web design industry. Less than a decade ago, the challenges of what design is not particularly as challenging as they are right now. All you need to do to have a working and functional website is to use images, text, and videos to send the company’s message to its audience. However, this has changed with the times. Google’s algorithm is so sophisticated that websites are having a hard time sorting through the noise and making their presence significant.

The emergence of social media has also changed the landscape of Orlando web design. Today, a website cannot survive without the necessary social media icons. The sites have to be shareable to a large portion of the social media world. Without these, socmed buttons, your website will cease to be relevant.


A website has to be designed in a way that it “knows” what its visitors need. From the moment visitors land on the homepage up to the point that they decide to purchase an item or a service, the website needs to be introspective of the journey that the web visitors will take once they arrive on the website.


Can a website rank on Google without the right SEO? And this isn’t just about the proper keywords and phrases. SEO is more than just content marketing. It is the totality of the website that needs to be optimized for search engines. This means that the website’s backend has to be designed in a way that Google and Bing can easily crawl its code and content.


The number one challenge for many websites is its accessibility for all people, regardless of their backgrounds, lifestyles, and abilities. Many disabled people are still accessing the internet for their jobs and also to do online shopping. They need to be able to browse your website even if they have disabilities and deformities.


A website has to appear the same on a laptop or a smartphone screen. Mobile responsiveness should be a priority for every web designer. Most websites are now being designed for mobile devices rather than a laptop screen.

Artificial Intelligence

Today, Orlando web design is incorporating bots into their websites. This allows your site to engage with your customers 24/7, answering inquiries, selling products, and assisting with their technical questions. Since you cannot be online all the time, the bots will continue the engagement with your customers, freeing you from the responsibility to connect with them.