Making your Orlando web design as mobile-friendly as possible is now a requirement today. This is because of the prevalence and popularity of mobile technology in today’s digital age. Screens are becoming more compact, and it is now essential for website owners to meet the demand of these users to make sure that their websites have a chance at succeeding.

However, mobile design is a little trickier than desktop web design. There are a number of factors that explain its difficulty, least of all, the limited screen space you have to work with. Because of tricky it can get, it’s important that you avoid any misconceptions that can hurt the mobile UX of your Orlando web design. Find out what some of those misconceptions are.

Myth: Good design is invisible

A huge misconception about mobile design is the idea that good design is invisible. This can be largely attributed to the idea that minimalism is the current trend in the web design industry. Unfortunately, some designers take it to the point where they pare the design down to the bone.

However, you should remember that minimalism does not mean putting as few elements as possible. Make sure to balance the concept of minimalism without making it complex in its lack of elements.

Myth: If you get it, your users will too

Another common myth that some web designers carry around is the idea that just because you, the web designer, understands how to carry out a successful conversion and navigate around the design, then your users will too.

However, you always have to assume ignorance on the side of your users when they encounter your design for the first time. Make your design as intuitive as possible to make sure that your users will experience it smoothly on their first try.

Myth: Be as creative and innovative as possible

Web designers are undoubtedly creative, but sometimes they let themselves get carried away. With this in mind, it’s important to avoid the concept of making a web design, especially a mobile design, as creative and out there as possible. While it would be tempting to go all out and be known for your innovative designs, this may only serve to hurt your design rather than help it.

Designs that break the mold of established design patterns can confuse your users, which will lead to a drop in conversions and sales. By all means, be creative with your Orlando web design, but always keep the intuitive design in mind, first and foremost.