We haven’t had much time to think about the Orlando web design trends that came up in 2020. We’re so busy merely surviving the year. But now that the end is finally here. We are moving forward and on to a new year that will hopefully be much, much better than the one we are living behind. What are we looking at in terms of web design trends? Experts expect that we will focus on modern design trends that will make us forget about the past year.

Retro-modern Fonts

Retro fonts are going to be a trend again. Though, this time, it will have a bit of a change with more stylization and artistry. Web designers and font developers are going to reimagine retro fonts and the way they should fit in right now. The emerging of this trend can be seen on Spotify’s album covers. These retro fonts don’t feel cliché at all. They breathe in a new style and life to these tired fonts of yesteryears.

Parallax Scrolling Animation

There is nothing new to this “trend,” but we expect to see more of it in 2021 and beyond. Parallax scrolling is when the background of the text moves slower than the elements in the foreground. It creates a 3D effect and looks very modern. However, be careful with using this animation because the illusion of depth and movement can disorient and cause dizziness to people with vestibular disorders.

3D Visuals

The emergence of high-definition screens also paved the way for 3D visuals. This trend is best designed with minimalist themes because it makes the 3D elements stand out. They add to the overall user experience whereas before, they sometimes feel a bit garish and forced. You can choose to use 3D visuals on every element of your Orlando web design, or you can choose which ones you want to highlight.


Is there any question that multimedia will be in the future of web design? Aside from putting a video on the homepage, you can also incorporate motion and audio in the overall design of the website. Just make sure not to overwhelm the design with it because like parallax scrolling, it can be disorienting for people with cognitive disorders.

Augmented Reality

How can you make sure your audience is getting your message? You can use augmented reality. It is like multimedia on steroids. Retail and e-commerce websites are using AR to help sell their products by empowering customers to have a “feel” of them in an augmented reality setting. These are especially helpful for car dealerships that can provide an in-depth experience of driving the cars they sell.