Does the fold still matter today in Orlando web design? With a multitude of screen sizes available, it is hard to determine what exactly falls above the fold. This concept is born from the newspaper industry. It determines what content falls above the fold of the newspaper (remember that a traditional newspaper is folded in half). The wisdom is that the headlines above the fold are more important and it is likely that readers will browse through those headlines first.

Others are with the opinion that the fold technically doesn’t matter anymore. Since devices have different sizes, who really knows what falls above the fold, right? How do you make sure that the last content on what you intend to be above the fold will really be in that position on all screens? How about those who have to use large font sizes? The headlines will adjust automatically.

Still, people spend roughly 57% of their time above the fold. That number will decrease as people scroll down. On average, the most important screens in devices are the first two full screens. The next ones barely get a view. That’s why most websites still prefer a multi-web-page format compared to a one-page layout.

In this sense, the fold still matters. This means that your Orlando web design must prioritize the elements on the first to two screens. They must hook the web users in so they will continue scrolling and clicking throughout the website.

Use Clear Headlines

You have no way of knowing what headlines fall above the fold on your target market’s screens. So that means you have to be extra creative in writing headlines. Make sure they are short, clear, and descriptive. Highlight the benefits of your products in as few words as possible. You should also ensure that there are no typographical errors or ambiguous messages on your homepage.

Include a Call to Action

How can you improve the chances of your web visitors converting? Making sure that the CTA also falls above the fold is important. The call-to-action button is the most critical element of your website. It tells the audience what they need to do after consuming the information on your website. It is the start of their journey to knowing more about your company.

Add Media

Make sure the above-the-fold of your page isn’t full of text. Images, videos, and audio will help web visitors understand your company better. They will emphasize your point and create cohesion in your Orlando web design. Simply said, adding media to your website is a critical component of your overall strategy.