No matter how skillful you are as a web designer, you cannot survive without time management skills. As weird as it may sound, your time management skill is what’s going to save you from a lot of troubles and problems. Can you imagine having to explain to your Orlando web design client that you didn’t finish the project on time? But with better time management, you won’t have to suffer through such a humiliating conversation; one that will have a huge impact on your work as a freelancer or an employed web designer.

Here are some tips on how you can manage your time better and complete your projects on time:

Do a Time Audit

You need to understand where you’re spending your time. You might think that you’re merely spending 30 minutes answering emails, but you might be doubling that time. Are you spending an hour browsing Facebook when you should only be spending 10 minutes on it? You can download apps such as RescueTime and Toggl to keep a record of what you’re doing during the day. You can make appropriate adjustments with your schedule once you see the record of your day-to-day activities.

Set a Time Limit

Do you know that Tesla CEO Elon Musk has a different task for every five minutes of each day? For him, that enables him to complete tasks at a rapid and efficient rate. We can’t all be a genius billionaire but perhaps, we can emulate what he was trying to do. Set a time limit for your tasks, although make sure there’s a buffer in between tasks.

Say, for example, you need to write a blog for two hours. Give yourself 2PM to 4PM to finish this task, but do not schedule the task until 4:30PM. In case you weren’t able to finish the task by 4PM, you still have 30 minutes before the next task.

Create a To-do List

List down what you need to do for the day. Check each one as you complete it. That will make you feel accomplished—seeing the number of tasks you need to do dwindling down. Of course, there will be days when you can’t get everything done. During those days, make a point to always return to the unfinished tasks and complete them when you can.

Do Your Most Important Tasks in the Morning

Your mornings should be spent doing your most important tasks. That will keep the pressure off your shoulder for the whole day. Once you are done with the most important components of the Orlando web design project, you can focus on the smaller parts that make up the website for the rest of the day. You have the most amount of energy in the morning. That alone is a reason to tackle the most important tasks during that time.