Long-scrolling in Orlando web design is when pages continue to load and update when the web users reach the bottom of the page. This increases engagement and reduces the need for visitors to open another page and wait for that page to load. In many parts, this is beneficial for a website that is trying to interact more with web users. It is very convenient for websites that hope to inform web visitors of their products and services. eCommerce stores, in particular, are obsessed with this design element.

Facebook and Twitter feed use this web design to make it easier for their users to get the information they need. This also captures the attention of web visitors, making it almost impossible for them to close the browser as the page keeps on loading new information.

The Above-the-fold Game

This design element solves the problem behind the above-the-fold strategy, wherein web designers must find a way to put important information about the company above the fold of your computer screen. Can you believe that it’s actually a problem for web designers that some web users don’t want to scroll down? The long-scrolling feature solves this problem because now, all the web users have to do is to push down on the page so that new information will load and be shown on the screen again.

The Waiting Game

And who would want to open another page time and time again to find new information? No one, right? Even countries (South Korea sits at the number one position) with the fastest internet speed don’t want to keep loading pages because of data and bandwidth restriction. The long-scrolling feature eliminates the need for web users to load new pages once they reach the bottom of the first page. This gives web owners an upper hand over the flow of information that you can send to users.

The App and Mobile Responsiveness Game

Long-scrolling is beneficial for mobile sites and apps, too. Since there are billions of mobile phone users in the world, it behooves web designers to use long-scrolling to suffice the needs of these mobile phone users. Touchscreen device users find it easier to get to the information they need when all they have to do is scroll down on their phones than click on a link to open another page. Now, designers can focus on giving users the best scrolling experience rather than re-design the next page.

These three reasons should be enough for you to implement long-scrolling in your Orlando web design.