You worked hard to get customer testimonials. You persuaded your customers to leave a positive comment on your social media page. You have engaged with your customers and answered their questions. You have provided great customer service. So, what else is left to do for your Orlando web design?

You need to use these customer testimonials for the benefit of your website and your business profitability. You need to maximize the advantage of having quite a number of customer testimonials on your website.

Place the customer testimonials where it can easily be seen by potential web visitors. Many businesses decide to put customer testimonials on the homepage of their websites because it is easier for customers to see these once they land on the page. However, since many customers also don’t scroll through the homepage and instead look for the webpage that contains your products and services, you need to look at where your web visitors are most likely landing.

Map out your customers’ journey on your website. Are they staying to look through the homepage? Are they looking at your product webpage? Where did they spend their time when they visited your website? What parts of your website are they most likely going to spend time on? These are important questions to answer because the information you will get from these questions will also be your guide to developing a sound strategy of where to place the customer testimonials.

Should you have a different webpage for your customer testimonials?

It would be wise if you can create a different webpage solely for your customer testimonials. Many customers will visit your website in the hopes of finding what other clients thought about your business. It will be easier for them to just click on the webpage and read on about what other customers think about your business. This will make it easier for them to research about your business and what they can get from it. It will also make it easier for you to collect everything the customers said about your business on one page.

So yes, you should definitely take a look at creating a separate webpage for your customer testimonials alone. It will benefit both the customers and yourself. Making it easy to search for customer testimonials will provide Orlando web design visitors a way to filter out the truth about what customers think about your business. This is a powerful way of convincing your target market to try out your products and services.