We’ve all been here before. We add items to the cart and abandon the said cart at the last minute. Why did we do that? Is it because we’re not fond of the site’s Orlando web design? Not really. It’s all about how the checkout process is integrated into the web design. More than 21% of people who abandon their carts on e-commerce sites refer to the lengthy checkout process as the reason.

If they think it’s a waste of time to fill out the forms you ask from them, they are going to abandon their carts without thinking twice. Sure, they could come back later and buy the same things in the cart, but that isn’t the same thing as buying the items at the same time they placed them in the cart. If and when they go back to your site, you would have already annoyed them. They would remember how much trouble they had signing up to your site and filling up all those forms. Are they going to come back to your site? Not if they can help it.

If customers want to buy products from your store, make it super easy for them. There is no reason why they should be annoyed with the checkout process. There’s no reason why you should have a lengthy checkout process either. All you need to know are their names, addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, and payment methods.

See how well Amazon is doing with its one-click checkout process? It is so easy to purchase things from the website that many customers are impulsively buying without even thinking if they need the items or not.

Okay, your e-commerce site isn’t as big as Amazon. You don’t have the resources to securely store credit card information. But you can store things like their names and addresses, right? The next time they check out products from your store, why not have these fields pre-populated. Don’t let your customers enter the same data again. That is truly annoying, especially for those who have to transact discreetly (such as when your customers are supposed to be working).

People want things to be fast and easy. If you don’t come up with ways how to make that happen on your e-commerce site, you’re risking your reputation. In order to win against your competitors, you need to win the customers first. You need to give them what they want when it comes to Orlando web design.