What happens when web visitors land on your website and see your Orlando web design? Are their fears sated? Do they feel comfortable? Do they find solutions to their predicaments? Do they find what they are looking for on your website? People are on edge these days. What with the political and economic upheaval of the times, coupled with the pandemic, people want a sanctuary of some sort. Can your website be that sanctuary?

When web visitors see your web design, they should be comforted. They should trust what your website represents. That’s one of the ways your business can help a lot of people who are insecure about the state of their jobs and health. At the very least, don’t add to their stressors.

Load Quickly

Make sure that your website loads as quickly as it can. People do not have time to worry about whether they will get the information they need from your site or not. The least you can do is make your website as easy to access as possible, and that includes making it load quickly so they can find the information they need. As a rule, web pages should load in under five seconds, though some people wait until around 10 seconds before they close the page.

Calming Colors

Your brand has a color motif, we get that. But can you, perhaps, incorporate some calming colors on your site? Blue and green are the most calming colors because they remind us of nature. If these are not the current colors for your website, you can incorporate these in the parts where your message about the coronavirus is posted. And yes, you have to talk about how the pandemic is affecting your business, so use the colors blue and green on those parts of the website. Also, try to avoid the color red as this can remind people of the presence of the virus.

Easy-to-digest Content

You should also strive to make your content as easy to read as possible. The last thing that your web visitors need is for them to get eye strain when they read your site’s content. Make the fonts appear larger. Use easy-to-read fonts that will be readable even to those with eyesight problems.

Your Orlando web design should conform to the needs of the times. Right now, people need not be stressed out with mundane things such as the length of time it takes for your site to load.