When you read articles on the internet, you will be bombarded with information regarding how to design a website. It will make you feel overwhelmed. At the same time, it will feel like you can do it yourself. After all, those tutorial videos on YouTube have to amount to something, right? But there’s one thing that these articles don’t explain that much when it comes to Orlando web design. It’s the F-shaped pattern.

The F-shaped pattern refers to the way the West read. The pattern is from the left to the right and top to bottom. Just think about the way you’re reading this text right now. You are going from left to right and then to bottom and from left to right once more. It’s a never-ending cycle that explains clearly how people from the West see a website.

You will notice that a lot of websites follow this pattern. The logo is on the top of the page then followed by the important categories that will go from left to right. Clicking on each category will drop a menu down, which you will also read from left to right and from top to bottom. Such is the way we navigate websites. It’s the one thing web designers should never forget when deciding on the layout of a website.

This is an effective strategy to follow when designing a website. After all, responding to the way the web visitors scan a page will create a positive impact on your own website. It will allow you to see the best place for your call-to-action button.

One experiment used an eye-tracking device to see what web visitors are reading when they browse a website. Remember that the F-shaped pattern is a general pattern. It doesn’t mean that the pattern must be a perfect F. It can have more than two branches so that it looks more like an E than an F. The pattern can have as many horizontal stems as possible.

The F-shaped pattern is better used on web pages that require long text. A content-heavy page will trigger a person’s need to instinctively follow the F-shaped pattern without anyone saying anything. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be used for shorter web pages, too. You can still strategically place marketing elements on your Orlando web design on areas where your web visitors’ eyes are most likely to land. This way, you will have a better chance of your visitors focusing on the message you want to send.