If you post content on your website, will your customers automatically read or view it? Will they know that you have posted content? Unless they are subscribed to your newsletter, there is no way for them to know that you have just posted content worthy of their time. That’s why it is important that whatever you post on your website also appears on your social media pages, and vice-versa. This is the junction where the importance of Orlando web design is further highlighted.

Customers don’t spend their time hopping from one website to another to see what your current offers are. What they do is spend their time looking at their news feed. Seeing your posts there about a possible sale event will make them want to click on your page and visit the website. That’s how important social media posts are in generating interest and web traffic.

Simultaneous Posting

Whatever you post on your website, make sure to post it on your social media feed, too. Posting a new product on your website should be equal to posting about it, too, on your social media. But remember that the message is vastly different. On your website, you have to be formal with your product description. On your social media feed, you are free to play around with words in hopes that your followers will engage.

Lucky for you, Instagram allows the posting of more details (such as the price) on your posts. When you reach a certain number of followers, you will be allowed to link your post to your website. This makes it easier for your customers to jump from your social media page to your website.

Also, you have to link your social media posts to your website. This allows anyone browsing your website to see how the products looked like when used by your other customers. User-generated content is one of the most popular types of content that you should link to your website.

Complimentary Design

Should your social media pages have the same “theme” as your Orlando web design? Yes. That will create cohesion in your messaging. It is easier to link these two platforms to each other when the same colors, fonts, and language are used. Your customers will have an easier time browsing through your website and finding the products they saw on your social media when it shares the same design and theme.