What did you learn about yourself and your business during the coronavirus pandemic? Surely, after seven months of health scare and paranoia, you have learned something about yourself during these challenging times? And more than that, the pandemic should have taught you how strong or weak your business is. That will give you an idea about what you need to do now that we’re in the new normal. Perhaps, a change in Orlando web design is in order?

Speaking of web design, who said that the design industry wasn’t affected by the pandemic and would not be affected by the new norm? The impact, of course, is more good than bad as the web design industry worked on complying with the new surge in demand for web design and development. Yes, some businesses have only just realized that they need a website to survive. This does not only mean a rise in demand, but also quick and easy solutions to make them relevant during this time.

Competition Is Tougher

Consumers are shopping online, which means businesses are answering the demand more than ever. They are building new sites and redesigning old ones. This should make web designers try to keep up with the new trends in traditional websites and e-commerce sites. With the competition tougher, this puts web designers in a precarious position of having to upgrade their skills and keep up with the trends.

Trends Are Changing

What exactly are these trends? One, there will be more voice searches, so that means the site has to be optimized for voice search. Two, websites are going to use chatbots. You probably know this already, so make sure you have one programmed in your site. Three, web visitors are more distracted by information more than ever. They are more intelligent and they are more demanding. And four, your web visitors aren’t willing to wait for more than five seconds for the page to load. Make sure that your pages load in as fast as three seconds.

Changes Are Coming

It’s not just about the trends that will crop up during the new normal. It’s about the changes that the whole world will go through. Some of your most loyal clients may have to stop consuming as much as they do before the pandemic because they lost their jobs. New companies will emerge, which means more competition for you. Is your Orlando web design prepared for these changes?