Do you often wonder why your Orlando web design isn’t as successful as other sites? Perhaps, you are offering too many things? Yes, offering too many options may, in fact, hurt the chances of your website more than help it. Hick’s Law states that the more choices an individual has, the longer it takes them to make a decision.

The study was made stronger by an experiment of people and their choices in a supermarket. The supermarket goers were given a choice between more or less varieties of jam. Those who were given 24 jams to choose from had a harder time deciding what to pick. In the end, 60% of them stopped to sample, but only 3% actually bought jam.

Those who were given only six jams to choose from had a higher percentage of purchase. Out of the 40% of shoppers who stopped to sample the jams, 30% actually bought the said jam. That’s how big the difference is between giving people more choices and giving them less.

How should that study impact your Orlando web design? You might boost your conversion rate simply by giving web visitors less options.

Reduce the Number of Menu Items

You do not have to limit your product line, but you can limit the number of menu options. Keep the choices simple—about us, products, contact us, and FAQs. Those are enough to compel your web visitors to act.

Limit Form Fields

Do you ask your web visitors to sign up for a newsletter or membership? That’s okay, but you should limit the form fields to what is only necessary. If you’re asking them to sign up for a membership, ask only for information that is necessary such as name, address, contact information, and the likes. There’s no need for you to annoy customers by asking them to fill up lengthy forms.

Focus on One Call to Action

Do not confuse your audience by putting multiple CTAs on the page. The important thing is for them to realize what they have to do when they visit your site. Should they inquire, order, or call? At best, give them two to three options about what they have to do after consuming the information on your website.

Display Limited Social Media Buttons

Don’t inundate your web visitors with too many social media buttons. Focus only on displaying the social media buttons you are active on. There is no use for them to follow you on pages that you’re not actively engaged in. That might only annoy them in the end.

Your Orlando web design will benefit from not overwhelming your web visitors with too many options. So, keep the options as concise and impactful as possible.