For the past year, people have been virtually staying at home to avoid getting sick. They lost their jobs, savings, and the certainties of their future. Many have to watch their dreams disappear as they close the doors of their business establishments. It’s been a whole year of heartbreak and things are still not looking up because there’s a new variant of the coronavirus in our midst. But against all odds, Orlando web design continued improving, finding ways to better itself as the world transitioned to digital activities that real and live ones.

Web designers plan to incorporate abstract shapes, including geometric primitives such as squares and circles, into their designs this year. A lot of times, these designs can feel minimalistic and borderline boring. They also sometimes feel simple and restrictive, as well as antiquated because didn’t we use abstract art on our web designs before already?

But web designers are a different breed. They are using abstract art to exude freedom and a release from all the stress that the world has been giving us. There is something thoroughly enjoyable about looking at these different-colored and -sized shapes. It’s almost as like the web designers are telling you that the world can be less complicated again, that the digital space can be a little bit less complex and more simplistic in nature.

Various creative directors of different web design companies have the perfect explanation as to why abstract art is finding a footing in design again. For them, abstract can replace photography in web design specifically for startups, tech products, and apps. Abstract art, after all, is much simpler to create. Startups will save on the cost of creating design elements and media materials for their websites if they go with abstract rather than the photography of real people and places.

This is the same with tech products as it is easier to come up with designs that will match the innovativeness of tech products when web designers use abstract. After all, how can any design compete with the modernity of tech products? As for apps, the sky is the limit with designing a website for apps. Abstract art allows for that creativity to continue flowing.

It is especially useful for websites that rely on stock photography, illustrations, and animations. Abstract art feels energetic. The use of bright colors makes them almost pop out from the screen. The result is Orlando web design that feels more alive than any other kind of media material a web designer can produce.