Smartphones used to be luxuries for people. Quickly, however, it became a necessity that you can now hear about a five-year-old kid asking for a smartphone as a gift this Christmas. We find it strange to leave the house without our smartphones. We do everything with it—book a table in a restaurant, text our friends, call our clients, and browse our social media feeds. For web and business owners, it means doing all that’s necessary to make sure your Orlando web design is mobile-friendly.

Build Your Site for Mobile Devices

Forget about being mobile-friendly. Your website should be designed for mobile, and secondary only for desktop computers. It is past time for your website to finally be the go-to site of your customers. Since 2016, mobile internet usage has surpassed computer usage. This has only increased in the past couple of years. Today, no website can survive the competition on the web without being mobile-friendly.

Make Information Easy to Find

Remember that mobile phones are, at most, around 7.5 inches. This means that your web users have a very limited view of your website. Make sure that the information web users likely want and need can be easily found by touching only a few buttons or scrolling the screen a little. What information do they want to know? Mostly, it’s about what you are offering—FAQ, contact information, and product information. Put these in areas where they can clearly be seen and accessed.

Forget About Popups

While popups are still effective on desktop computers, they are annoying on mobile devices. It blocks the whole screen. Most of the time, it can even be hard to find the close button. If they cannot find that little X to close the popup, your web visitors will just close the window and move on to another website.

Make Website Speed a Priority

Do you still remember that we used to wait minutes for a website to load? That’s long gone now. If your web page cannot load in under five seconds, forget about trying to convert your web users. They’ll run straight out of your website and into the arms of another one. This one loads much faster. Optimize your website so that its pages can load in under three seconds. Make sure the image format is just right and you don’t use too much animation and graphics.

As always, keeping your Orlando web design simple is the key to a perfectly good mobile-friendly website. Since your customers will be looking at a seven-inch screen, you might as well keep everything simple.