What happens to your Orlando web design when Google penalizes it? You will lose your ranking on the site, thereby losing the momentum you have gained over the past years. All the work you have put in search engine optimization will be for naught. You will lose the opportunity to market to your target audience. Some of them won’t even be able to find your website even if they searched for the right keyword. That’s a massive blow on your efforts to be on the search engine’s top-ranking results.

This happens because Google has found broken links, duplicated content, and error pages on your web pages. It’s not always your fault. Sometimes, it’s the fault of the web page you have backlinked to. If they didn’t redirect a broken-down link, that will result in a 404 error on your part. There’s not always a reminder for you to change these errors. It’s just a fact of web design. So unless you have made it a habit to check all your web pages every month, it is likely for you to miss some of these things.

But what can you do about it?

Don’t Panic

Even big successful websites suffer from penalties. For example, you can get penalized for duplicated content found within your own system. When you find out that you have been penalized—either manually or automatically—don’t panic just yet. Gather your wits about you and focus on creating a strategy to get these penalties written off.

Explain Troublesome Links

Reach out to Google and disavow troublesome links. You cannot always control third-party websites that you have backlinked to. Some of them have moved to another site or have shut down their web pages to which your own pages are linked. Explain to Google how this is not your fault. There’s a disavow tool that can do this for you.

Remove Links

Sometimes, disavowing troublesome links is not going to cut it. You should remove the error links and replace them with ones that work. Get some of these links taken down. Google will notice the hard work you have put into updating the links.

Request Reconsideration

If your penalty is manual (meaning, Google wrote to you about it), ask for reconsideration. Why should your Orlando web design suffer the penalty of a duplicated content found on another site? They were the ones who copied from your website. Unfortunately, Google does not recognize the dates when these contents were published. As soon as it sees a duplicated content, it flags down both sites. You can ask for a reconsideration.


It may take the search engine giant a while to act on your requests or the changes you have made on your Orlando web design. It could take a while for it to re-crawl and index your site. You need to be patient. Remember that the algorithm processes billions of websites in a day.