You can never not focus on your site’s product pages. These are your bread and butter. They will tell the truth about your online store. It’s either they convert your visitor into a customer or they remain a passerby. This is no secret and yet everybody still makes the same mistake when it comes to their Orlando web design.

Keep It Clean

While it is important to have recommendations and reviews on your product pages, minimalism and clean lines are essential to attract customers. functionalities such as the recommendations, reviews, and suggestions should be relegated below the product page. They should not be front and center of the page. Otherwise, they can confuse web visitors.

Clear Call-to-action Buttons

Make your CTA buttons as visible as possible. On a product page, the obvious CTA buttons are “add to cart” and “proceed to checkout.” Make sure to position these buttons beside the images of the products. As a general rule, they should stand out from all the other elements of the web page. If possible, use a different color for the CTA buttons.

Make It Quick

There’s nothing more that web visitors hate than slow-loading pages. If they want to purchase something, they want to see the product page immediately. Don’t make them wait for the page to load. This is a big no-no in eCommerce sites. Your Orlando web design should use CSS styles and minimal backgrounds and borders to allow the page to load faster.

Invest in Quality Photos

You need to invest in a photographer who can create beautiful photos of your products. Make sure to upload photos of the products at different angles. These are the things that a customer wants to see. They give users a strong grasp of what they are actually buying. At the same time, you may want to allow customers to upload their own photos of the products. They usually include angles that customers want to see.

Input the Right Information

A photo can only go so far in marketing your products. Your product pages should have an informative copy, too. Customers want to see the price, shipping options, availability, colors, sizes, and many more. Put the most important information beside the images while the least important information can be at the bottom fold of the page.

These five tips should start you off in the right direction. Make sure that your Orlando web design follows these tips. They are the perfect formula for attracting customers to your site.