Have you encountered a brick-and-mortar store lately that does not have an online counterpart? Isn’t the lack of web presence detrimental to the success of a business? This is evident in the businesses that continue to thrive amid the coronavirus pandemic. It is impossible to carve a niche for your business in today’s economy without a great Orlando web design.

But aside from a website that tells your business’ operating hours and social media profile pages, the site should also have multiple pages dedicated to different aspects of the business. In short, you cannot have a static website.

So, what kind of web pages should your website have? Each web page should have a clear goal and purpose. It should also have a call-to-action button so web users understand what they need to do. Include as much information as you can on these pages. The basic details that a web visitor wants to know are your store’s location, contact number, email address, and social media links.

Be Clear About Your Business’ Purpose

Web visitors should immediately understand what the purpose of your business is upon landing on your homepage. A few concise lines on your homepage will do them good to understand what they can expect from your website. Remember to write as concise a copy as possible. The worst thing anyone can find on a website is poorly written statements.

Place CTA Buttons Strategically

Your call-to-action buttons will perform best when they match the information on the page. The “Call Us” button should be on the Contact Us page while the “Buy Now” button should be on the product page. Don’t you think it’s weird to see a “Buy Now” button on the About Us page? That should have a “Contact Us” or “Learn More” button.

Automate Speed Improvements

If you are using a content management system (CMS), automate the speed improvements. The right plugins will cache parts of your site so visitors don’t need to download every single page and element when they re-visit your website. Some plugins compress files and folders, which allows visitors to browse the website more efficiently. Pages will load faster if the plugins are cached.

Avoid Using Stock Photos

Although you may have a great Orlando web design, that can easily turn boring and unoriginal because of the use of stock photos. Try to snap a few authentic ones that you can mix with stock photos. Using stock photography is not a crime, but it behooves anyone to produce their own images. Look around your store or office. Snap a photo or two and use that on your website.