Once you have coding, HTML, CSS, and basic Orlando web design elements down pat, you can focus on improving your management and organizational skills. These soft skills, as they are called, are important in creating a business environment that will attract clients. These are the skills necessary to bring your business to success.

Time Management

Whether you’re going as a freelancer or working for a web design company, you need to be able to manage your time well to survive in this industry. This will also prevent you from annoying your bosses and clients to no end. Arriving late for the first meeting with a client? That’s a super no-no in this day and age. You need to stay on top of your schedule and meet deadlines if you want to be successful in this field.

You can use several apps and programs such as Trello and JIRA to keep track of your progress and manage your projects well. Prioritizing and monitoring your projects are essential to running your web design profession.


A lot of your work will involve communication. You need to work with your team, bosses, and clients to arrive at a favorable output for the project. You need to present your proposals to clients. You need to negotiate and close deals. You need to explain the progress of the projects to your boss. So many elements of your work will need to be communicated to the right people.

At some point, you may even be asked to do copywriting or content writing work. This is part of your communication skills, too.

SEO, Social Media, Internet Marketing

Search engine optimization is a skill that almost everyone who tries to market on the internet should learn. Knowing the basics about SEO, social media marketing, and digital marketing will give you a head start against your competitors. Keep in mind that your clients might also expect you to design the website with SEO and digital marketing in mind. You need to integrate social media buttons on the webpages, too, so knowing about the platforms will help your work.

Client Management

You need to understand how to run a business, whether you’re a freelancer or employed to an Orlando web design company. Understanding the end goals of a company will guide the way you go about the projects you handle. As a freelancer, you should have a plan to keep the cash flow. You also need to manage the number of projects you accept, so there won’t be any project backlog.