So, you want to improve the interface of your online store? Along the way, you also want to give the user experience a boost while they’re browsing through your Orlando web design? Okay, we get it. These are important components to the success of your business. And while you already know about the importance of photo quality, well-written product descriptions, and the like, you might not know that there are four other things you have to do for your online store.

Filter and Sort Options

Make sure that you have a robust filter and sort options on your online store. This will allow users to filter the products and pick what they are looking for. They can narrow down the products according to brand, style, price, size, and color. That saves them from having to browse through your whole inventory just to see what they are searching for.

Remember Users’ Carts

A customer added an item to his cart but he was interrupted because he has to take care of something in the office. He closed his computer, thinking that he’ll just go on looking for that item again later. Can you surprise him by not having him go through the whole process of finding that item again? Remember the contents of the users’ carts so that they can pick up where they left off.

This will keep them interested in checking out that cart. If you don’t allow this, they might find it too much of a trouble to look for the same items again.

Guest Checkout

Don’t force your shoppers to sign up for an account to check out their cart. Allow them to check them out as a guest or to use their social media account to sign up for an account on your website. Yes, it is to their benefit if they sign up for an account because there are rewards programs and the like. But if they still don’t want to, they shouldn’t have to do it.

Secure Your Site

So many web owners forget about securing their websites. It’s not only important for your site to have that “lock” symbol in the address bar. It should actually be secure. Your customers will be more than happy to transact with you if they know that your website is secure.

Remember these four things when you’re deciding what to include in your Orlando web design. These will help boost the experience of users browsing your online store.