There’s a disconnect between the number of online shoppers and small businesses with websites. While the numbers of online shoppers grow every year, the investment of small businesses in websites seem to be increasing only ever so slowly. Based on the online presence of shoppers, small businesses lose millions of dollars every year just because they could not be found. Why don’t you make the Orlando web design work for your business’ benefits?

On the web, competing against larger stores is more equal. You can offer much of the same things that they do and for a lower price because you don’t need a warehouse to store these items. You don’t even pay employees to pack and send the products. You can work by yourself or ask for free help from your family. You can offer better deals to online shoppers because your operational costs are lower.

A recent survey said that 97% of small businesses with websites advise other small businesses to do the same. It is through a website that people can find out about you. It is also through a website that you can make better offers and more sales.

Find Customers

How do you suppose customers will find out about your business if you do not have a website? Online shoppers trust a company more if it has a website. They trust the transactions more if these are made through a website with great Orlando web design. Around 90% of small businesses with websites find it easier to attract customers to their business. Based on the feedback, their customers can find them better when they have a website attached to their company’s name.

A website provides legitimate information about your business. Customers are browsing their phones and tablets throughout the day. They can learn about your business through the website.

Build Credibility

Some small businesses prefer to sign up for an account on Facebook and other social media platforms. While this is fine and also reaches a large group of your target market, you are isolating those who do not have social media. Yes, there are still people in the 21st century who don’t want to brandish their lives on social media. A website is more credible than social media. Online shoppers who wary of providing payment information on the web may feel more comfortable transacting on a website than through social media.

Sell More

You can sell more if your Orlando web design is made in a way that will enhance your customers’ experience. This is another marketing method that your business should use to reach out to your audience and make more profit. While social media platforms also have marketplaces, there’s nothing like a good old website to convince customers to part with their money.