It’s amazing how much people want to learn about Orlando web design and development. But when you think about the wide reach of websites and the internet these days, that should not be a surprise to anyone. From bloggers to businesses, everyone wants to hire a web designer. They know that a well-designed website is a linchpin to a successful internet marketing strategy.

Here are some pointers for those starting in the web design industry or those who need a new design for his/her website:

Put Away the Mouse and Trackpad

You are not going to open your laptop and magically come up with web design and concepts. That’s not how it works. Instead, you are going to spend your time with paper and a pen. You need to draw every webpage as you see it in your mind. Start from drawing the company logo and doodle with other design elements that you can use on the website. Are you going tribal, modern, classic, or whimsical?

Then, draw the webpages one by one. Start with the homepage, which is the most critical part of any website. Move on to the inside pages, as well as the blog page, the about us page, and the contact us page.

Keep Things Simple

Your website design doesn’t need to be complex and complicated. In fact, it needs to be as simple as possible. Move on from the misconception that simple designs are boring and uncreative. The challenge in designing a website is to use as simple design elements as possible and still come up with the best website possible.

Why do you need to keep things simple and neutral? Because most of your consumers will check the website using their cellular data or the limited bandwidth their home connection allows. They need your website to load as quickly as possible. That is only possible if you use simple elements.

Prioritize Mobile-friendly Design

Any website that you design must be responsive to mobile phones. More than 80% of web users access the internet through their mobile devices—smartphones and tablets. If your website is not mobile-friendly, you lose a lot of your potential customers. In fact, many web developers now focus on designing a website for mobile-first, then personal computers next.

Remember these three things when working on an Orlando web design. These should help you design and develop a website that will bring success to your clients.