For many clients, the ins and outs of Orlando web design is an enigma. It can be very easy for many kinds of clients to assume that all you need to handle a great website is the ability to put shapes and fonts together on screen. However, the work that goes into a single web design project needs a lot more thought and effort than just assembly.

Under the scope of web design projects, redesign projects get a lot of misunderstanding as well because, for some clients, it seems like it doesn’t need a lot of work. After all, the work has already been done, all you need to do is give it a new look. This type of project is a lot more nuanced than that. Here is a rundown of what clients need to know about a redesign of an Orlando web design project.

The client needs to know what the goal is

You cannot simply hand off your old web design to a web designer and tell them to redesign it. One of the cores of a good redesign is identifying what the client’s goals for the website redesign are.

This is important because it tells the web designer what direction they will have to take with the redesign project in order to help achieve those specific goals. Make sure that you understand what exactly you’re hoping to get out of a redesign project before you hire a web designer.

A redesign extends to more than just the visuals

Keep in mind that a redesign project does not refer to simply refreshing the look of the website. In fact, in some cases, a website redesign can require more work and effort than a website that is being rebuilt from scratch.

This is because a redesign project requires the reworking of the code and the other internals of the website, not just the external visual design. Because of this, it can be very challenging to pull off a successful redesign without the needed information from the client.

New priorities have to be considered in light of recent advances in tech

Because of the redesign aspect of the Orlando web design project, it may be tempting to assume that it will be a straightforward task. However, this can take quite a long time because of the other considerations that need to be taken into account because of recent advances in technology. This refers to mobile-responsiveness and recent changes in SEO ranking requirements.