Lakeland web designWhat are your non-negotiables? You don’t have one? That’s a shame. When it comes to Lakeland web design, there are certain design elements that should be non-negotiables to you. These are the things that you think would create more business for your website. These elements will make your website attract more customers and be better known in the industry.When talking to your web designer, you have to let him know what elements you expect to see on your website and why it matters to your business. Here are the top four non-negotiables for most websites. See why you should follow their lead.

More space

A lot of designers seem to have the misconception that the more “content,” graphics, and animation the website has, the better it will be for web traffic. While in some cases, this conception may hold true, that isn’t the reason why visitors will stay and read on. In fact, many visitors tend to close the browser as soon as they’re greeted with heavy graphics and animation because it can crash their browser (especially if they are viewing the site from their mobile devices). Do not let the website appear overly complicated. That is the reason why sidebars have been phased out by most designers. They don’t do anything good for the website’s design.

Make it a responsive design

The truth is, a responsive design isn’t optional. Your website must be responsive; it must be optimized for desktop, tablets, and mobile phones. It has never been more important to ensure that your website is mobile friendly today when over 80 percent of internet users access it over their mobile phones. You may even want to consider the concept of creating your website as a mobile-first web design.

Simple navigation

Do not overcomplicate the navigation buttons of your website. Put them where they need to be, and don’t move them to places you think they would simply look good in. Make sure that they are functional, rather than standing out as simply a design element. You may think that placing a ton of links, blog posts, and navigation menu on your website helps you create traffic, but this can be farther from the truth.

Boost your image game

Most websites simple use free images. Why don’t you up the game and elevate the project by signing up for premium stock image service or maybe even snapping an original or two? It’s quite easy, thanks to smartphones that have high-resolution capacity for photos. This is the perfect opportunity for you to show you’re on top of your game.