When creating a Lakeland web design, we often hear the question “How do you want the navigation to be like?” And we think to ourselves, “What kind of question is that? Just your basic, average navigation will do fine.” The thing is, web designers need to decide which kind of navigation will work best for a website. There are navigation systems that is a little bit more complicated but stylish than your average navigational buttons. This kind works well if your target audience is the millennials. However, if you’re targeting the older age group, you may need something basic and average and a lot easier to navigate through.

Complicated websites push visitors away

The reason why web visitors decide to close the browser and go to another website is because they are turned off by elements they see on your homepage. One of the first things they will notice about your website is the navigation buttons. Most websites would have the navigation either as a drop-down menu on the upper right or upper left corner of the page or written across the top of the page with a drop-down menu for sub-categories. And yet, we often also find websites with complicated navigation—this means finding the buttons at the bottom of the page or through that animation and graphics we see on the homepage. Your customers who belong to the older generation would not be able to “get” this.

Older people want simple and basic

If you’re targeting the baby boomers, you must know that they want something simple and basic. They want something that is easy to understand; something they won’t have difficulty remembering. You see, it’s just a decade ago when internet became a thing enough for the baby boomers generation to try to learn it. So many of them didn’t bother anymore.

Easy navigation system makes website loading quicker

This is probably the most important reason why you need to create simple navigation system for your website. Complicated images, graphics, and animations will make webpage loading slower, which in turn, could irritate your web visitors. Make every element of your Lakeland web design simple and uncomplicated, so that the page will load much easier and faster. This will benefit your website greatly because there are internet speeds in the world that could only load text and still images quickly. Animation and any kind of complicated system will slow down your website.