Businesses around the world are reeling from the effects of the SARS-CoVID-2 outbreak. While governments grapple with dwindling health force and health care equipment, as well as the impact of the virus on their people, companies are being forced to close down temporarily. But if you are not careful during this time, you may not even have a clientele to return to. How you set your Lakeland internet marketing now should be adjusted in response to this new norm we find ourselves in.

Figure Out What Campaigns to Run

Facebook already said that because businesses are going to be focused on marketing on the platform, some scheduled ads might have to be adjusted. This means that if you will create a new ad today, that won’t necessarily be published as scheduled. This begs the question: should you create a new ad or maintain your existing ones? Review your existing ads. If the tone is respectful and the message is clear and non-offending to the current situation, continue with those ads for now. Creating a new one will get you at the end of Facebook’s list. If you extend your current ads, there’s a good chance yours will be prioritized.

Evaluate Your Imagery and Tone

Be mindful of the tone of your ads. Make sure that you are not making light of the situation while also not causing panic in people. You don’t have to talk about the outbreak if you don’t feel that your company has something important to share with your clients. However, it is important to acknowledge what’s happening and put up some reminders for your customers.

If your visuals include people touching, you should discontinue that for now because of the social distancing policy currently being enforced by governments. You should also remove lines that connote close interaction such as “get in touch” and “work hand in hand.” You don’t have to remove this from your agenda but it is wise to pause these ads for now.

Don’t Capitalize on this Crisis

Under no circumstances should you have a “CoVID sale” of some sort. It is insensitive to the plight of the people. Everybody’s going to be offended one way or another. Remember that you have customers who lost their jobs and salaries because of this crisis. While you need to think of ways to reach out to your customers through Lakeland internet marketing, persuading them to buy your products because it’s a crisis sale is insensitive and will hurt your business in the end.