As smartphones and other devices grew more sophisticated and the internet becomes faster, opportunities opened for Orlando web design. In the past, web designers didn’t like using animations and graphics for their design because of the large bandwidth that they consume. But now that we have better devices, it’s about time we start integrating multimedia experience on websites. However, we should still remember to keep it clean and pristine. Not to mention, the loading speed is still the priority.

So, what exactly are the hard-and-fast rules of designing a website right now?

Prioritize Simplicity

When using a combination of video and audio, remember not to overwhelm the viewers. Too much going on can be distracting to the point that the viewers don’t know where to focus—on the visuals or the audio? Keep things simple and clean. Do not try to get every design element on one part of the website.

Use Different Media Formats

You can use photos, videos, animations, graphics, podcasts, and many more to provide a full multimedia experience for your web visitors. This will also maximize the accessibility of your content. Remember that not every web visitor is fond of videos. Some of them may not like to watch a video, so better make sure you have a photo that will slightly have the same message. The same goes for animations. Some of your web visitors may have a bad internet signal, so these won’t play on their phones.

Use Closed Captioning

Do not make captions an option anymore. Simply embed the caption on the video. People appreciate it. People who cannot play the audio appreciate not having to toggle the screen to turn on the caption. Embedding caption in your video is a way to show inclusivity. For the deaf and hard of hearing, they will appreciate the inclusion.

Do Not Forget the Alt Text

The alt text provides a description for the images just in case they don’t load on someone’s devices. The alt text will tell the web users what they would’ve seen on that part of the screen if only the images loaded correctly. At the same time, use longer descriptive text for complex images that web users will have a hard time deciphering.

Avoid Autoplay

Web users rarely want videos to auto-play. They want the option to play and pause the video. The power should be with them. Your Orlando web design must work to make web users feel that they are in control of what’s happening on the website.