Lakeland web designThe internet is ever changing, though it’s good that we seem to be changing and developing with it. We now have the technology we never would’ve imagined a decade ago. Whether you’re accessing the internet on tablets, mobile phones, laptops, gaming devices, watches or other platforms, the internet seems to be flexing itself to pair perfectly with every device.

If you have a business that depends largely on its smart Lakeland web design, then you also have to study and research about the importance of having a website optimized for mobile devices. In fact, there are some companies that prioritize mobile versions of websites over the more traditional ones.

And you can’t blame them. Research shows that 55 percent of all searches come from mobile devices. Although this number varies per industry, it goes to show how important mobile versions of websites are for your business.

Observe people in public areas, and I’m sure you’ll notice that most of them are glued on their mobile devices and are checking the internet. According to a 2015 research, more than two-thirds of Americans are using their smartphones to access the internet for a variety of online activities. This figure alone is reason enough for companies to embrace the mobile web.

But more than that, here are some advantages of mobile web versions:

Improved experience

When desktop web versions are opened on mobile devices, it could take forever to load and open. That waiting period will certainly make your site visitors irritated. It will give a negative impression about your company to your target audience. On the other hand, a mobile version of a website will significantly increase the satisfaction of your customers because the pages, graphics and texts will load faster and smoother.

Easier engagement

If you’re running a comments section on your website, it can be very difficult to post or reply to a comment when you’re using your mobile device for a website optimized for a desktop computer. Some sites have drop-down menus that do not function well when browsed on a mobile device. This can cause confusion and irritation for the website visitor.

Boosts competition

Having a Lakeland web design that is optimized for mobile devices will make your business more competitive. It is an advantage against other companies who have yet to embrace the power of mobile web versions. It ensures that your website will capture your audience’s attention, and will retain it long enough to allow them to understand your message.