Online users today are rather spoiled when it comes to choosing their options for online services. In fact, numbers have shown that it takes as little as seconds for users to make up their minds about your Orlando web design.

There are countless factors that will affect the direction of their decision-making when they open your website, so you have to make sure to cut down on anything that can cause them to opt-out of your site. Read on to learn about some of the most common Orlando web design mistakes that can scare off your users and negatively affect your website metrics.

Making your website too “clever”

One of the biggest problems that designers have with their clients is that their clients tend to want to make their designs as clever as possible to best showcase their brand’s personality. However, sometimes these ideas lean towards the more confusing designs, which just ends up frustrating your users.

You have to understand that your online users have expectations when they visit your website for the first time, and if you show them a blank page with tiny text at the lower-left corner, they’re not going to want to choose your site for their specific needs. There are ways to showcase the spirit of your company’s brand without having to resort to performance art on your website.

Complicated navigation

A user’s experience is always going to be one of the most important things that you need to consider on a website. Guarantee the quality of your website’s UX by testing out your website before launching, as a poor website navigation experience will scare off your users. A complicated navigation experience on your website will accomplish nothing and end up affecting your website metrics in a bad way.

Cluttered visual design

As important as the user experience is on your Orlando web design is, you should not forget the importance of actual visual design. Again, keep in mind that your users are going to make up their minds about your website as soon as they open it, which means that visual design is going to play a significant role in this.

If your website design is too cluttered or too complicated, then this is going to end up discouraging your website users. Even if the rest of your website is decent in terms of visual design and user experience, you have to give your best effort on the front page of your website and make the rest of your website consistent with that for maximum effectivity.