Mistakes are a natural part of any industry, and the Lakeland web design industry is no different. After all, we’re only human, so we’re bound to slip up and make mistakes once in a while. However, while many mistakes are experiences for learning, it’s very important to recognize that there are going to be some mistakes that can end up costing you your Lakeland web design career. To help you avoid this, learn more about what kind of mistakes can cost you your career.


Of course, it’s pretty much a given that general dishonesty is a bad thing for your career and your work environment. If you mess up on a task or something at work, your first reaction may be to hide your mistake and just continue on as if nothing had happened. However, it’s important that you maintain honesty and own up to your mistake. You should also offer an actionable plan that you can take to remedy the issue as soon as possible.

Intentionally going behind the client’s back

We’ve all been there. Someone asks us to do something, and in a moment of panic, we realize that we have no idea how to actually accomplish the task at hand. Of course, the healthy thing to do would be to be honest with our ignorance, but there are some employees who think that the best course of action is to go about doing the task in a completely different manner, rather than informing the client or their superiors that they have no idea how to do the work.

They are more likely to be appreciative of someone who doesn’t know how to do something and is willing to learn, rather than someone who intentionally goes against instructions because they did not want to admit that they didn’t know how to do something.

Severe criticism

Criticism is a normal, everyday aspect of a healthy Lakeland web design environment. However, if the criticism runs in the extreme, then there is going to be a problem here. You should learn how to give constructive criticism that your employees can learn from, and not provide harsh criticism for the sake of it.

General unprofessionalism

Of course, there are many ways to make mistakes that can cost you your web design career, but you should also keep an eye out for your general professionalism as well. Take note of how you conduct yourself inside and outside of the workforce and make sure that you’re not doing anything that will reflect badly on the company.