If you’re running an eCommerce website, one of the biggest issues that you might end up running into is cart abandonment. This happens when an online shopper chooses items from your selection of products on your website and make it all the way to your checkout process, but do not complete the transaction. It can be frustrating because this is a sign of a lost conversion, and if it happens frequently enough, it can mean serious issues with your Orlando web design and eCommerce site as a whole. You might not think that this is something to worry about when you set up your website, but it is something that can have an effect on your site’s metrics in the long run.

To deal with this issue, you have to think about how customers behave in eCommerce sites and apply that knowledge to your website’s design. Make sure you do your research to fully understand how customers behave and see how you can amend your site’s design to reflect their behavior and minimize cart abandonment.

To help you understand how you can minimize cart abandonment on your website, you have to first understand why this tends to happen. A good way of figuring this out is by asking your users. Some online users have reported that the main reason why they would choose to abandon a cart is if the total reflected on the final checkout is significantly higher than the total that was estimated while they were shopping.

Another cause of cart abandonment is if users are required to create an entirely new account just to complete their purchases. Finally, a lack of security on the website and its checkout process is another very important reason for cart abandonment. If a user feels like a website is not secure enough, then they will not be willing to divulge their financial information on it.

Now that you know some of the most general reasons why cart abandonment happens, it is easy enough to work your Orlando web design around to fix these problems. If the main issue is the unexpected costs tacked on to their purchase, then you should always make sure to practice transparency in your website. Display the shipping and other miscellaneous costs right away as their user is shopping so that they are fully aware of how much they will have to pay upon checkout.

If a complicated and unnecessary account creation process is needed for checkout, then you need to cut down on this process by asking for only the most basic information needed from the customer to complete their transaction. Social media linking is another option that you can look into so that users are not obliged to create an entirely new account just for your website. You should also be making the checkout process as simple and as intuitive as possible.

Finally, you have to make your website as secure as possible, so you need to make sure that the proper security features have been implemented. In addition to this, make use of social proof in the form of user reviews to show potential customers that your products and website can be trusted.