It seems egregious for us if we have not until now, realized the importance of micro-animations for Lakeland web design. Egregious, yes, but is not unheard of. Even now when we talk about trends in web design, some people would still scratch their heads when they hear about micro-animations. What are micro-animations and how different are they from the regular animations we see on many websites?

Micro-animations are so subtle and so minimalistic in their movements that you might miss it when you blink. And yet, experts have been highlighting the importance of integrating micro-animations into websites. Sure, they are a simple change in color of the cursor or a button, but they attract the eyes of the users and they provide a more seamless experience for the web visitors.

Micro-animations are a powerful way to provide an intuitive and satisfying experience for web visitors when they browse your website. This satisfying experience is accomplished through small animations around the website. One small animation can help validate that the user is doing what he should be doing to accomplish his goals in browsing through your site. Micro-animations can be as simple as changing the color of the cursor or a button, expanding a menu when visitors click on the hamburger or watching the circle swirl turn into a checkmark after they have completed a Captcha check.

Users experience these micro-animations all the time, whether they browse through their desktop computers or whether they use their mobile phones to check your websites. Over the last couple of years, these animations have become integrated into websites that it is more surprising if you have not experienced them. When browsing websites without animations, you may be subconsciously looking for it, knowing instinctively there was something missing from the website.

These animations help let the users know that they are doing the right thing when browsing your website. Did you press the submit button on the form? It should change its color once you clicked on it. Do you want to quickly refresh the page? On your mobile browser, all you have to do is pull the page down to trigger the refresh action properly. Want to go back to the top of the page? just click on the “up” button hovering on the page and it should bring you back to the top.

Videos are used so that customers will retain the information on the website. That’s the power of moving elements. These small movements do the same thing. They help catch the eye of the user and create an enriched experience as they navigate the Lakeland web design.