If you are not willing to invest in your business’ website design, you have no right to start one. Remember that in today’s digital world, it’s all about making your online presence work to your advantage. If you will consider your website an expense rather than an asset, you will stand to lose ground and slowly, the poor design, the lack of content, and not being mobile responsive will affect the ability of your website to convert traffic into profit.

Using the right SEO

Your website design should be about using the right SEO. In every element of your web design, the SEO should appear. How do you do that? Your images, before it appears on your site, have to be uploaded to a gallery. Once a photo was uploaded, you can edit its caption, its description, its image name, its alt text, etc. All of these are critical parts of the video and all of them require you to use the right SEO. That means that if your keyword is “cute dogs,” that phrase should appear from the image name to the caption to the alt text to the description. This would help Google find your web page when someone searches for the relevant keyword or phrase.

Using unique photos

Your web designer would tell you this: Nothing good will come out of using stock and unoriginal photos. Even if you pay hundreds of dollars to access a library of millions of photos, there’s a good chance another website user has done the same thing and used the same set of photos. Google will not recognize the image (it still depends on the text so at the very least, customize that), but your customers will know that your website is unoriginal. They would recognize the stock photos from other websites and they would feel bad knowing that you did not care enough to invest in someone who would take unique photos for your website.

Using your brand all over the website

Your brand would include your logo and even the fonts used to write your slogan. There should be uniformity across all media used by your company when marketing its products and services. That means using a particular font face and making sure that the logo appears on the website whenever it needs to. Your branding will play a big role in attracting customers, so it needs to be incorporated into every aspect of your marketing materials—from the office stationary to the website.