When it comes to shopping, eCommerce sites are slowly taking over. Because of its ease of use, convenience, and range of options, it’s easy to see why. Because of its popularity, there are many eCommerce sites cropping up on the Internet day after day, which makes competition pretty stiff. To stand out, you need to offer something completely different, as well as excellent customer service and a great Lakeland website design.
However, what makes up a great eCommerce web design? On the surface, it seems like all you need are good products, and responsive team, but it takes much more than that. You need to convey the personal feel of a brick and mortar store through an online platform, and it takes a lot of skill to pull that off. To help you out, here are some of the indicators of a good eCommerce site design that you can implement into your own site’s design.
With eCommerce sites, one of the biggest reasons why customers choose not to proceed with their purchases is because of their uncertainty behind the site’s security. Customers are entrusting their personal and credit card information to the eCommerce site, so if they feel the smallest amount of doubt about the security of the site, they will definitely bounce out of the site. So to help prevent that, eCommerce sites purchase security certificates, as well as display all relevant information and reviews about the products found on their websites.
Great site navigation
Site navigation is an important aspect of any site design. With eCommerce sites, there are usually a lot of categories to get through, and a lot of products and information to filter. The mark of a good eCommerce site is the ease of use of navigating through the products found on the site, as well as the relevance of search results to the keywords being searched. Site navigation is meant to be intuitive, as well as easy to understand without requiring many clicks to get the information that the user is looking for.
Easy and intuitive checkout
Cart abandonment is a serious issue for many eCommerce sites, and a large portion of cart abandonment happens during checkout. A good eCommerce site guarantees a secure and easy checkout, without requiring ten pages worth of information to be inputted.
Responsive web design
Because most of online shopping is now done on mobile, it’s very important that any good eCommerce Lakeland website design have a responsive web design that can be easily adapted to mobile. Otherwise, you miss out on tapping a market of mobile users.