Lakeland web designIt’s hard to create a good Lakeland web design, but what’s even harder is to make a really bad one. But then again, if you browse through the internet enough, you’ll stumble upon hundreds, if not thousands, of the worst-designed websites on the planet.

If you have a business that you want to grow, you have to reject any ideas or elements that would make for a bad design. It takes a lot of time and effort to learn how to design a website rightly, and that’s why it’s important to hire a professional and reputable web designer.

But first, take a look on these really bad design elements that you should never allow to come near your own sites:

Glow-in-the-dark and blinking elements

There are websites out there that still think glow-in-the-dark icons and graphics are cool. Not only is that so 1990s, but these are also hurtful to the eyes of the visitors. No one wants to look at rapidly blinking icons. It does nothing but give everyone a headache. A few animations on a website is okay, but if everything is blinking at you, there’s no way you would know which item is actually being highlighted.

Small fonts

Is there anything more annoying than using miniscule fonts for your website? The purpose of each website is to give out information about the business. But if the visitor cannot read the content, then there’s no way for the visitor to know what you are selling. Small fonts hurt the eyes, and no one will stay on your site just to have a headache.

Unbalanced site

There is such a thing as a generally nice overall web layout, but a bad website page. Once you enter a site, you may find it alluring and engaging to look at. But as soon as you turn on another webpage, you may find some elements that does not go well with the overall look of the site. If the homepage, for example, has a serious theme, then you found the webpages to have a cheap design, that spells disaster for you. The overall design of the website should be complementary.

White space

White space, in general, is okay. But when the website has too much white space, that means the web designer or the site owner has nothing better to put there. How about a photo? A blog content? Websites should have a balanced and pristine look, yes, but that doesn’t mean wasting an inordinate amount of space for nothing.