Your website is one of the most important arsenals you have in the biz. For now, forget about your merchandise and what-not. Branding and Lakeland website design are the two things your customers will likely remember about you. They will bring you customers. They will increase your sales. But if you only have limited space and time (for now) to design the website, you must remember to keep these five things there:


The menu bar should be seen wherever the web visitor is on your site. The visitor should know exactly where he is and how to get to where he wants to be. That’s why including a sitemap on your design makes total sense, too. The layout of the site should make visitors want to navigate it, and not stay as far away from it as possible. Many websites still have to work on their navigational functions.


Your brand should be plastered across your website. It is the reflection of your business and brand. When they see your site, the visitors should have a visual connection with your logo, print material, and even brick-and-mortar location. They should understand where they are and who you are.


Content is still king. No matter how many elements are out there right now, the most important thing that a website has is the content. It will play a major role in your search engine placement. It is also the reason why many web visitors will want to visit your site. The text on your site should be informative, relevant, and well-written.

However, make sure that you have more than just text. Your site needs videos, too. Make informative videos that will hook your audience. Well-thought-out content will bring traffic to your website.

Information Accessibility

Some web visitors don’t have the time to navigate through the rest of the site to find the information they need. Make sure that all important information is not hidden somewhere in the inside pages. Things like how to contact you should be in plain sight. Include that information at the bottom of every page. No matter where the web visitors are, they should have access to this kind of information.


All of these things on your Lakeland website design will make people want to either subscribe to your newsletter or buy your product or service. But what is the ultimate goal of your website? When designing your site, that should be the focus of your every decision. When you design your site with conversion in mind, every element will work to make people want to do what you want them to do—buy, subscribe, share, or support.