Believe it or not, having a visually pleasing Lakeland web design for your business website will not automatically raise your customer base or guarantee a high site traffic. While a visually appealing site is great for branding, you need to throw in a little something to make sure that your site is ranking on search engines and that people can find it.

What you need is Search Engine Optimization or SEO. SEO refers to different kinds of techniques that websites use to get their sites to rank on search engines. It is very important that you use SEO correctly, as abusing it can get your site penalized, and potentially removed from search engines. Here are some things you can do to make your website more SEO friendly to get it to rank better and increase conversions.

Integrate SEO into your images

One thing that people forget to keep in mind when building their website is how images can be a rich source of SEO as long as they are utilized properly. When uploading an image on to your site, you need to make sure that the file size is not too large, as this can interfere with your website optimization by causing your site to load too slowly. If you’ll be including a text box for the image description, remember to include a keyword. However, do not place your site’s written content inside in image, as images cannot be read by search engines, and this will negatively affect your site’s ranking.

Understand the importance of keywords

Keywords are one of the most crucial factors in making your web design SEO friendly. Keywords are strategically placed words or phrases that relate to your niche and help your site rank on search engines. Keywords can be placed almost anywhere on your site, such as your tags, metadata, and other HTML information.

Your web design must be easily adaptable to different platforms

You have to make sure that your website is adaptable to different platforms to maximize site conversion. If your site isn’t adaptable for mobile, you are missing out on potential conversions via mobile. It is important to remember that more than half of online users are found on mobile, so you site must be designed to cater to them as well.

Optimize your site

In addition to making your Lakeland web design mobile friendly, your site must be optimized in order for it to load as fast as possible. Optimizing your site includes minimizing Flash elements, and as mentioned before, decreasing your image file sizes as these are factors that could slow down site load time. If your site’s load time is slow, search engines will have difficulty crawling through them, making it difficult for them to rank your site.