Dark web designs have become increasingly more popular over the years. It isn’t surprising, after all, if done well, a dark Lakeland web design gives off a mood of elegance and sophistication when you enter the site. However, while visually appealing, this particular style of design can have its downfalls as well, specifically in regards to readability. Here are a few ways you can make a dark web design work for your website.

The Text Should Be Readable

Because the main issue with dark web designs is readability, it is important to do what you can to make sure that the text is still readable. If your text isn’t readable because of how dark the background is, your web design is failing at conveying important information to your users. Some users dislike dark web design because the text against the dark background can cause eyestrain.

Space is Still Important

Just because your site uses a dark theme does not mean you should disregard the need for space. In fact, the dark background makes the utilization of space more important because of the heavy feeling it gives off, as opposed to light colored backgrounds. Avoid cluttering the dark negative space on your site, and give the different elements enough room to breathe in order to really capture that elegant look you’re looking for in a dark web design.

Choose Your Font Wisely

A large part of site readability is influenced by the font you choose. When dealing with a dark web design, your font choice is more important than ever. Utilize more elegant fonts to go with your dark design, and look into changing up the font sizes to get the maximum effect out of your dark web design.

Minimalist Color Schemes Work Best

For the perfect clean look out of a dark site design, you should opt for a more minimal color palette. Choosing a busy color scheme can really take away from the impact of your dark web design, because dark colors already have a heavier feel to them, as previously discussed with the section about utilizing space. Choose a color scheme with at most, three colors to bring out the full visual impact of your site.

Offer a Style Switcher

While visually appealing, a dark website design does not appeal to every online user out there. About 49 percent of online users prefer a light web design as opposed to a darker one. To appeal to those users, it is recommended that you offer a style switcher so that all users have the option to switch to the theme that they prefer.