Logos in your Lakeland website design is something that you don’t really pay attention to unless something wrong. However, logos do play a very important role in your website design as a visual representation of your business’ brand.

It might seem over the top to overthink about how to use logos on your business website, but this is important in representing your business accurately. Here is everything you need to know about how to use logos in your Lakeland website design.

Maintain consistency between your logo and website

There is usually a lot of thought and time spent figuring out what the best logo design is to represent your business. However, you should also know that you should also spend as much time maintaining consistency between your website’s design and your logo.

Remember that your logo is the culmination of your brand’s visual representation. This means that it is important to maintain that visual representation throughout your entire website. For example, you might have a really fun looking logo, but you’re trying to go for a more luxurious and sophisticated feel for your website.

Inconsistencies like these in your business branding can result in your customers losing trust in your business. It’s important to maintain consistency in order to help guarantee your business’ branding throughout your entire website.

Link your logo

A lot of businesses use their logos on their business website to link to the home page of the website. However, while this is the norm, you should learn how to use this more strategically. Use your logo to link to the page that you deem the most important or the one with the most potential for conversions.

This may be your contact page or About Us page. It’s important to be strategic with your entire web design in order to maximize its full potential for conversions.

Find out where the best place to put your logo is

You might not believe this, but where you place your logo design on your Lakeland website design is also something that you need to carefully consider. Users have a certain expectation with how specific website elements are supposed to be displayed on your website, and your logo is no different.

Most websites place their logos in the upper left corner of their website and for good reason. It’s important to meet user expectations in order to help improve user experience on your website.